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Coordinating problem solving in charitable giving

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About ­čî▒Charity DAO

Charity DAO coordinates efforts and problem solving around crypto and blockchain applications for charitable giving.

Some goals of Charity DAO:

Pledge ­čî▒Charity DAO

­čî▒Charity DAO is a Moloch style DAO.

To pledge:

  1. Create a profile and tribute on DaoHaus: https://daohaus.club/dao/0x014ded81ddb85f7d178a66bcdd6cd6ca89ba7cc5
  2. Create a github issue using this template to introduce yourself: https://github.com/Charity-DAO/Charity-DAO.github.io/issues/1
  3. Join us on telegram: https://t.me/CharityDAO
  4. Once your membership has been approved by the DAO, you can manage your DAO shares in Pokemol: https://pokemol.com/dao/0x014ded81ddb85f7d178a66bcdd6cd6ca89ba7cc5

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